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Kiwi Colour are able to repair all manor of Bumper Scuffs, Bumper Dents and Bumper Scratches. More and more people are coming to use because they have misjudged a post in a car park, didn't realise the post was that close or even worse left the car in the car park to find someone has caught the bumper. However your damaged was caused we will look to repair your car in the most cost effective way for you.

Bumper Scuffs

Bumper scuffs are a common occurrence, but just because you have had a rub with a wall or another car that doesn't mean you need to drive around in an untidy looking vehicle. Our bumper scuff repair service allows us to match the colour of your cars bumper and repair and respray the damaged area of your bumper.

Car Bumper Scuff

Bumper scuffs are probably the most common repair for us. We are able to come to your house or place of work and fix your cars bumper restoring your vehicles look and value.

For a price to repair you bumper scuff please call 07940 30 84 84.

Bumper Dents

Car Bumper dent

Harder impacts usually dent or mishape the cars bumper, if you have had a quote from a car bodyshop they will be most likely to tell you that you need a new bumper, in most cases this is not needed. We can remove the dent from the bumper, fix any paintwork and leave your car looking as good as new.

Just contact us on 07940 30 84 84 we will assess your damage in person or via email/text message and let you know what can be done and the cost of the repair.