• PLEASE NOTE:We quote all jobs from photos submitted online or via text message and we will get back to you the same day.

    This brings the cost down for you as to quote each job in person would take on average an hours drive round trip plus fuel expenses which would have to be added into to your quote.

    Our Telephone number for enquiries,bookings and photos is
    07940 30 84 84 or you can email your Photos direct: mail@kiwicolour.co.uk

    We can somtimes give a ball park quote for bumper repairs over the phone but for all other repairs (especially gouged or dented panels) we do need to see the damage. You can use your mobile phone or digital camera then email / text / whatsapp / facebook the pictures to us

  • Or upload your images with a description of the car and damage using our WeTransfer form below:
  • Emails sent from this website will only be used by us for a quote, the infomation will never be passed on to a third party
  • or email photos to mail@kiwicolour.co.uk
  • Alternatively Send us a mobile phone picture & we'll quote right back:
  1. Using your Phone, Take a Photo of the Damage
  2. Create an MMS
  3. Add a Brief Description of Damage & your Contact Details
  4. Send your Photo Message to 07940 30 84 84